Kristy A. Meade   Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) Trainer and Speaker

Kristy A. Meade
Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)
Trainer and Speaker

Training That Makes a Difference

Disruptive Communication

A three day workshop designed to replace today's antiquated diversity training by focusing on individuality rather than categorization. 
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Recruiting and Retaining Women in Tech

This workshop identifies the social and cognitive influences that are generating roadblocks for women in the tech industry and explains research-based methods to navigate through and dismantle those obstacles.

Remembering Self-Awareness While Raising Social Awareness

Awareness isn't enough. We must take action. But to take action, we must be well. During this workshop, participants will learn about the complexities of privilege and disadvantage along with information about self-care while changing the world. The pursuit of social justice is trying and stressful. Always secure your 'air mask' before helping anyone else with theirs, right? The same applies here. Sacrificing your well-being isn't what the world needs. 

Bias Awareness

During this workshop employees will learn about how our unconscious impacts our understanding of the world around us. Employees will gain a basic understanding of unconscious bias, microaggressions, privilege, and disadvantage. This is a conversation heavy workshop designed to inspire openness between peers about their experiences.

The Power of Privilege ‐ One Day

This workshop includes a team-building activity – The privilege Walk, in which employees will gain a visual understanding of the compounding effects of privilege and disadvantage as well as learn about the struggles of their peers. During this session we will cover how to talk about privilege, what it is and what it’s not, how it works on individual, compounding, and systemic levels, and how we can connect with one another to help ease the effects of our disadvantages by leveraging our privileges.

I've worked in a variety of fields. I've been everything from a dog bather, to a power industrial truck operator, to an accountant, to an information security data analyst.

I've held these titles throughout 25 different states in the US. Whether they were pressuring me to wear a suit or do my hair the way they had decided resembles “professional”, or they were trying to convince me to think like an entrepreneur or behave as an extrovert, one message remained consistent across every workplace I experienced: Don't be myself.


It is my life's purpose to inspire a workplace in which everyone can bring their whole selves. We all have something unique to contribute and it's devastating to see so much of who we are silenced on a daily basis.  

My knowledge of how people think and reason, my experiences in a multitude of industries among many diverse groups of people set inside unique life challenges, and my talents for disarming  defensiveness and cynicism with healthy and productive conversation, has equipped me with a unique blend of qualifications to skillfully facilitate this essential social change.