Training and Team Building

We offer a number of workshops, all of which can be customized to focus on your organization's individual needs. Many of our workshops include activities that are great for team building and connection.

Consulting in Las Vegas

I've been asked to do consulting enough that I've decided to begin offering consulting services. After doing a whole bunch of research on what the heck a consultant is, I've realized that I will never be the typical definition of a consultant. I suck at sales. I'm not a smooth talker. I haven't a clue what to do with pricing. And it's not really in my nature to tell people that I'm super cool and they should pay me to let me do stuff I really love to do. So, here's what I've got...

There is no static vision of what my relationship with your organization looks like. My goal is to create a better world by creating a healthier workplace. If your organization's purpose is aligned with my purpose, and what you need falls within my skill set, expertise, and passion - I'll wanna do that work. 

I'm introverted, kinda awkward, and I get easily tongue-tied in one-on-one conversation. Entrepreneurship isn't something I ever set out to do, which seems to put me outside of the norm for consultants. While most in this field decided to be a consultant and then worked hard to find something to consult about, I happened across this much differently. I kept talking to people about how I see the world from my perspective and ways we can do better. Eventually, I found that people were asking for my perspective frequently enough and finding it helpful enough that the whole consulting thing just sorta happened.

Here's a generic proposal of some of the stuff I'd love to help with - Inclusive Pipeline Planning

I'm told that I need to tell you about why diversity and inclusion is good for business, the bottom line, and productivity... but to be frank, I don't care about your business's bottom line, that's not why I do this. I care about doing what's right for the human beings that you've asked to help operate your business. But I get that to spend money you have to justify the expense 'cause your business can't continue to exist if you don't care about the bottom line. So, here's some points about why diversity and inclusion is important for business -  The Inclusion Advantage

I can serve as a Diversity Advisor, help you sort out what workshops or activities might be beneficial for your organizational community's needs, perform some D&I assessments - I'm not sticking with the industry standard stuff cause I don't believe the industry is focused on the right areas - I focus much more on unconscious influences, communication, and individuality (more on that here), help review your entire recruiting process, provide you with action plans and checklists for improvement, or if you'd just like to run some ideas by a neutral third party for a quick inclusiveness check for anything from major org change plans to a review if there's anything potentially offensive to a social group with the plans for your next holiday party (for instance, is it a costume party? Are you giving away prizes for best costumes? Are you doing best male and best female costumes? Is the prize for best male costume a tool set and the one for best female costume a shopping card? 'Cause that's not cool.)

I'm also very passionate about organizational structure and the natural human and individual needs of employees going through major organizational changes. Pretty much, if people and their behaviors are involved, I'm interested in chatting about it.

I have no set pricing metrics. It really just all depends on how much help you need, how much time it could take, how difficult it'd be, and what you could afford. If I don't think a change is healthy for your organization, I'm not gonna take part in making that change at all. If you're a really progressive, forward-thinking organization and you're trying something really cool and new that's super healthy for employees, I probably won't charge a lot 'cause it'd be so gosh darned fun and interesting to be involved with. I live in Las Vegas, so if you're not a local organization there'll also be travel costs to consider. 

If you'd like to set up a chat to find out if our purposes are aligned, please feel free to email me at .