Recent Events


Lockdown 2016 - July 2016

This was back in my home state of Wisconsin! This Information Security conference, hosted by the University of Madison, brought it an impressively diverse group of people. It was wonderful to see just as many men as there were women that were eager to hear my Tech Like a Girl talk, explaining how to invite women back into the tech industry. 

I met a bunch of awesome people that were wildly passionate about diversity in tech and I'm so excited to see it spreading through the industry like this! One of the other speakers, who was super awesome, also helped me find the best ice cream in Madison <3 (Said ice cream is at the campus dairy store, btw.)

next:organizing Conference - November 2015

I shared my story about how self-organization has changed my life at the next:organizing conference in Vienna, Austria.

This was an inspiring conference with others who are passionate about self-organization and evolving our workplaces. It was so exciting to be invited to speak at a conference so far away, and surprising just how at-home I felt while I was there. This revolution may be starting small, but I'm certainly not in it alone.




Splunk conf2015 Women in Tech Panel - September 2015

For those of you that don't know, I freaking love Splunk! It's the log aggregation / data correlation tool that I used to create apps for during my recent Information Security days. Data analysis is fun stuff!

I wasn't just honored, but downright giddy when I was invited to be part of the Women in Tech panel at Splunk conf2015.



Zappos All Hands Meeting - May 2015

I shared some of my experiences at the Q2 Zappos All Hands meeting, particularly about the support and encouragement I received from the Women Empowered group.

When my fellow Zappos peeps seemed to actually jump out of their seats, they almost brought me to tears. I had no idea I would ever have the chance to experience what it feels like to know that 1,500 people believe in what I have to say.


I had so much fun being interviewed by Christina Aldan, writing for Downtown Zen! Read it HERE!