Participants will attend a three day workshop that meets four hours each day on-site with your organization.

Class size is 12-20 participants. Any fewer and participants are likely to feel too "on the spot" to open up, any more and the class will lose the personal connection with each other. 

There will be homework participants will be expected to engage in during the remainder of their workday.

No participant may be "required" to attend the workshop. To force participation will only build resentment and is not a healthy way to approach the topic of social awareness and diversity. 

Your organization will provide an "Internal Facilitator". This individual will be someone within the organization that will take on a full-time position with your company to continue follow up and advancement of organizational social awareness. This person will coach the workshop with me so that we may establish their presence as a diversity contact and develop a relationship with participants of openness and safety. It is recommended that this be someone already part of the organization that inspires others and creates a safe, nonjudgmental space with others. This is a different type of leader than the typical stereotype of a leader. This will need to be someone that can remain neutral and calm during conflict, open-minded, approachable, kind, and disruptive in healthy and productive ways. I am available for offering advisement or candidate review if needed.

Please do not start this if you do not intend to dedicate resources to it. Teaching people how to detect these issues but not dedicating resources to resolve the issues will lead to negativity and a lack of trust between employees and leadership. Not only would there be a risk a losing great talent, but risk of losing socially aware and emotionally intelligent talent.

Download proposal for Diversity and Inclusion Specialist - Download

The workshop will be three days, I will be on-site for five days.
Day One: I will meet with and train the Internal Facilitator for coaching the workshop with me.
Day Two: First day of workshop (Why we need to talk about it.) Followed by Office Hours.
Day Three: Second day of workshop (What we're talking about - terms and definitions.) Followed by Office Hours.
Day Four: Third day of workshop (How to talk about it and how to be talked to about it.) Followed by Office Hours.
Day Five: I will go over the follow-up plan with the Internal Facilitator and answer any remaining questions they may have. We'll probably also go for dinner or a drink to celebrating completing the workshop, woot!

I will remain available via email for additional questions/coaching for the Internal Facilitator for six months after the workshop. I'll be more than happy to answer questions beyond the coaching window as long as it's not excessive. 


Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more!