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This is a five-day program that includes a three-day straight-forward, interactive, science-based, engaging communications workshop. 

Workshop Setup

  • Participants will attend a three day workshop that meets four hours each day on-site with your organization.
  • Class size is 12-20 participants. 
  • Your organization will provide an "Internal Facilitator".
    • This individual will be someone within the organization that will be tasked with organizing and facilitating followup activities to reinforce learning from the workshop. 
    • This person will also teach the workshop with me so that we may establish their presence as the go-to for further questions, and to develop a relationship with participants of openness and safety.
    • It is recommended that this be someone already part of the organization that inspires and creates a safe, nonjudgmental space with others.
    • This person is recommended to be someone that can remain neutral and calm during conflict, open-minded, approachable, kind, and disruptive in healthy and productive ways. 
  • Kristy will be on-site for five days. The day before and after the workshop will be dedicated to training the organization's Internal Facilitator. 

Learning Outcomes 

During this training participants will have had the opportunity to learn...

  • the significance of discrepancy between the intent and impact of communication.
  • how to execute conflict management techniques at the critical time (while it's happening), and to identify and minimize the root cause.
  • importance of and methods for developing stronger relationships within the organizational community.
  • the value of differing perspectives, how conflict can be healthy and beneficial to relationships, and the power of unique individual contributions.
  • a basic understanding of how the social and unconscious mind functions.
  • the terminology used to describe social differences and concepts so they can communicate with one another with shared language.
  • a stronger sense of belonging.

Organizational Motives

We come to your location and each day of the workshop is a four hour session so that employees will be away from their work for minimal time.

  • When employees are equipped to resolve conflicts on their own, less complaints are documented with Human Resource teams.
  • When employees feel connected, and feel an increased sense of belonging or importance, absenteeism and turnover are reduced.
  • When employees feel appreciated as individuals, stress levels and in turn medical costs, are reduced.
  • Taking an interest in the well being of employees increases productivity and profit for the organization.
  • Most importantly - only when individuals reach self-actualization can they surface their purpose, and it is not until this state that the organization and its community can find alignment in their shared purpose. 

Who should attend?

Send your change-makers, your influencers, and the emotionally mature leaders that are passionate about making a difference.

  • Anyone you send, think "buddy system". It will benefit participants to have at least one person in the workshop with them that they interact with daily. 
  • Organizations have had success with using communication workshops as team-building events to strengthen the sense of team-belonging among members. However, only send an entire team if you are certain they will be able to attend the full workshop.
  • There is also benefit to sending a couple of people each from various departments to increase interdepartmental connection.

Do Not Send

  • Anyone paired with someone they perceive as an authority figure.
  • We highly recommend not sending  only  managers, unless the goal is to increase communication between only managers. This is not a change they can pass down because of the additional psychological barriers associated with perceived authority. 
  • We require that all participants attend voluntarily. We will not allow the workshop to move forward if anyone feels their participation is mandatory. This is known to cause harm and resentment and is counterproductive to the purpose of this workshop.


Email info@kristyameade.com for more info!