A Different Approach

I follow a lot of pages that are advocating for equality. There is no shortage of posts and videos that use humor to raise awareness. I think it's great that these posts exist. They are funny and inspire folks to share them often. This is a great way for those who are experiencing the effects of bias and oppression to know that they are not alone. The isolation we feel is pretty darn rough and it means a lot when we learn that there are others fighting along with us. 

What I can't seem to find as much of are sources that are explaining these issues to those who haven't experienced them. If all they see are posts and videos about how hilariously ridiculous it is, how are they ever supposed to feel that they are in a safe enough of an environment to ask questions to learn and understand the issues? We weren't all born with this knowledge. I didn't know that women were being hyper-sexualized by society until I started going through puberty and men started sexualizing me. I didn't realize how common issues of gender equality and unconscious gender bias were until I started experiencing the effects of inequality and bias in the workplace. So, it stands to reason, it's my experience with it that has taught me about it. So what of those who don't experience it? It makes sense to me that they would be just as unaware of it as I once was. 

So what do we do? Well, contrary to what television tells us, most people are good. Most people want to constantly grow into a better version of themselves, every day. Most people aren't hurting others out of maliciousness. We are only capable of seeing things from our own perspective. So let's start sharing our perspective. When someone is influenced by unconscious bias or perpetuates a stereotype that oppresses others, talk to them about it. Be patient, understanding, and assume the best in them. If you just mock them for not already understanding or blame them for our society, you're just going to push them into understandable defensiveness and shut down the conversation. Explain it to them. Ask questions, with genuine curiosity. 

Don't blame on another, help one another grow and learn.