I’ve been starting uncomfortable conversations and disrupting the status quo for most of my life. I have been interested in and studying topics of social and behavioral psychology since I was a kid. While my dream of being a secret agent and human lie detector has changed since then, the past 24 years of studying have done me well. 

I’ve found my passion in helping us all understand one another and what we need. We are each only capable of seeing the world from our own perspective and it's important that we can share that perspective in healthy and productive ways.

The truth of us, all of us, is that we are most strongly influenced by our expectations (also known as unconscious biases or implicit associations). These expectations are deeply influenced by our environment and our culture. Our lack of awareness and understanding of these expectations – where they come from and how they work – are holding us back and putting us in each other’s way. But we can change this if we begin to take conscious actions toward reacting to our unconscious expectations. 

After eight years of working as a woman in tech, I became painfully aware of the need for social change. I am now dedicated to helping facilitate the social evolution we are in the midst of, revolutionizing the common workplace and creating a culture that accepts diversity and individuality, so we may all feel free to be our whole selves, as we deserve.


You are an outstanding communicator. It was not the words, though your message was clear, as much as it was the person, feeling, and transparency of your presence. I watched as you paced the stage like a caged tiger that has decided to break free. Magnificent, colorful, majestic.
— The Reverend Doctor James W Conrad, Jr. - Guest at speaking event (Zappos All Hands - May 2015)
Kristy has a wonderful presentation style that is down-to-earth and relatable making discussion of “taboo” issues of our time easier to digest. My favorite quote from her ‘Resolving Bias through Transparency’ article is:
”When we talk about bias, we’re not complaining, we’re exposing.”
— Michelle Simone, Zappos HR (2006-2009)