Kristy A. Meade is a Certified Diversity Professional and Corporate Trainer with a passion for understanding human behavior and a diverse professional background in many fields with ten years in technology. She’s blended her diverse skill set to develop candid approaches to interpersonal obstacles in today’s workplaces, finding methods to relieve defensiveness so we can have vulnerable and productive conversations.

She’s the go-to speaker for revolutionary and forward-focused organizations and events. While speaking at company meetings like the Zappos All Hands, tech conferences like Splunk conf2015 and Lockdown 2016, and progressive business conferences like next:organizing, she has maintained a focus on her one passion - creating a better world by creating a better workplace. 

 Kristy radiates energy, happiness, and passion. Her vulnerable and open presence creates a receptive audience. She inspires the change-maker in everyone, motivating every listener to take responsibility for our collective future. 

Speaking Topics

Beyond Bureaucracy

Organizations have been operating under the bureaucratic hierarchy for as long as any of us can remember. But when did we start using this organizational structure? Why did we adopt it? Who was it designed for?

While answering these questions, Kristy A Meade will reveal the dark history behind this antiquated system. She will share with you her hypothesis that explains the path our society has taken to outgrow this toxic tradition and will provide insight into the needs of our multigenerational workforce while we adapt to a changing world.

Our society has been advancing from a top-down climate to one of hyper-connectivity. From crowd funding to ride sharing to sharing economy, we can see this transformation taking form. Is your organization ready? 

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Tech Like a Girl

Women have had a long, mostly forgotten history in the tech field, and have suffered a decline in both representation and support as the technical field has grown. Kristy’s “Tech Like A Girl” summarizes the unique contributions of women to the tech industry and studies the decline of women in tech. She will review the trends and societal pressures that have led to 56% of women in a technical career leaving that career mid-way, and the overwhelming male slant of today’s tech industry from an insider’s perspective, as well as offer options and insights to invite women back into Tech, while challenging the audience to act immediately with the new information. Her unique perspective on gender bias in the tech field, combined with her vulnerable communication style, allows the audience to communicate without defensiveness, promoting full engagement without reservation.

How will you invite women to join your tech teams?

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Kristy lives in Las Vegas, a major conference destination. If you have a speaker cancel for your LV conference, Kristy does have some talks prepared if you need a last minute fill-in. 

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You are an outstanding communicator. It was not the words, though your message was clear, as much as it was the person, feeling, and transparency of your presence. I watched as you paced the stage like a caged tiger that has decided to break free. Magnificent, colorful, majestic.
— The Reverend Doctor James W Conrad, Jr. - Guest at speaking event (Zappos All Hands - May 2015)
Kristy has a wonderful presentation style that is down-to-earth and relatable making discussion of “taboo” issues of our time easier to digest. My favorite quote from her ‘Resolving Bias through Transparency’ article is:
”When we talk about bias, we’re not complaining, we’re exposing.”
— Michelle Simone, Zappos HR (2006-2009)


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